Dancing with more partners is better..

If you are a dancer and can adopt to different styles like Salsa, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha and so on you are gifted. But usually you have a favourite one, the one where you are really good at, the one you love most and you can put in all your energy, passion, and capabilities to move your hips.

And so, it is of course the same with choosing a ServiceNow partner. Only if you choose the right partner you are going to shine with your common dance performance on the floor.

For example, some ServiceNow partners are leading in a certain areas, like for example in ITBM or in ITOM. Other have exceptionally good consulting skills for the early phases of the project and again different companies might have great architects.

Same goes for every area that you’ve to cover within a ServiceNow project (more to this in a different article)

Having this in mind the strategy I would choose, if I would be asked, is to phase projects and choose for the different phases and functions the right partner. One size fit all it very often hurting your feet.

Looking at Architecture I recommend searching here for good people which are capable of understanding the embedding of ServiceNow into your IT Landscape (ServiceNow Certified Master Architect is an indicator – but there are other very good people outside without this too), they don’t need to know every bit and piece of the platform.

For business process analyse you of course need to find people who are understanding your Industry specifics and have knowledge what ServiceNow is, what it is not and how it can contribute to value development in your business area and organization setup (aka a crappy business remains crap even if you digitalize it).

And if you consider people change as a topic (very often heavily underestimated) you need someone who is able to moderate, communicate, have empathy and keeps the mood between the dance partners on the right level (just imagine dancers who are not smiling).

So even if it is pretty obvious, you need to choose the right partner, who has the right skills and capabilities, with the right people and fits from a cultural perspective to you.

And as you rarely find all in one, my clear recommendation is to go with more than one partner into a ServiceNow implementation project, as said for different phases and functions.

Sometimes it happens that you find out that you do not have a common rhythm with your partner, which makes it impossible to dance together.

So also from this perspective it’s better to have more partners to be able to change when it’s not working as you expect within the agreed framework (you hopefully have a agreed framework for the project and day2day operation).

That is my 2 cents for this week. Feel free as usual to like, comment, share and connect with me !

Have a great day everyone !

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