How to start a journey into ServiecNow?

Hi folks,

in last days I was asked by serveral graduates what is the best way to start into ServiceNow.

And even if it’s for us that we’ve been in this for years quite obvious, for a newbie it’s overwhelming.

So if you want to start with ServiceNow from the scratch out of your own interest or your company haven’t recognized the importance of the platform here 3 hints where to start.

NowLearning Portal

NowLearning is the place to go for all trainings from entry level to pro. A lot of content here is offered for free and gives you a quick start into ServiceNow. As there are so many I just will recommend one type which I found very very very impressing.

The Simulator trainings are really a outstanding piece of art.

Developer Portal

The developer site allows you to get a personal developer instance for free. Just be aware that this instance is deactivated after 10 days if not used. So ensure to not put there important data or do update sets you store seperatly.

Also the site gives you great trainings too, in a step by step approach you learn the basic of ServiceNow, the underpinning concepts and develop you first application.

Here the “New to ServiceNow course”, “ServiceNow Administrator” and “ServiceNow Application Developer” are courses that I only can recommend.


Congratulations, you made it through all the stuff above. Now it’s time for Rock’n Roll. But sometimes the rocks are to hard to crack, so you need support. Then turn to the community page, this is nothing more then the “Allknowing Trashheap“.

Here you find help from some of the most helpful and supportive people on this planet. You can search and be very sure you find someone who had a similar issue. Or you simply ask a question (but please us search first) and get a ton of suggestions, hints and recommendations.

Last one, people I would follow on Linkedin as they are somehow the superstars of ServiceNow and always have valuable postings and insights.

Chuck Tomasi, Mr. ServiceNow through and through

Göran Lundqvist, also know as the Witch Doctor

So you see it’s easy to get into the ServiceNow world, simply join the community on the ride to the stars and be part of a fantasic platform solution and eco system.

And last but most important, take care of your family and yourself in this extraordinary times.