Continual Service Improvement

Today I would like to give you an inside into another jewel in the ServiceNow crown which is rarely seen in the news.

The Continual Service Improvement process (CSI) is up to my experience one of the most underestimated processes in companies. Often not really visible, sometimes buried under the problem management or called a bit ashamed “idea management”.
But a well set up, communicated and actively operated CSI process offers customers, partners and staff members the possibility to be involved into the company development and contribute to it. Furthermore it is offering the opportunity to achieve substantial progress for the company as a whole.

Next to the process definition, training and roll out the process, you need to have a solution to enable people to easily bring up topics, allow them to work on them and drive them through the organization, without forgetting a certain level of management with approvals, alignment with strategic initiatives and similar things.

With the Continual Improvement Management module from ServiceNow you’ve solution on the platform which allows a seamless integration with existing processes, ensures the freedom of going beyond IT and defined own topics, and last but not least leverage from the existing platform capabilities.

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The out of the box variant offers already a wide range of options which contains 3 roles (Requestor, Coordinator and Manager), integrates 8 modules (e.g. CMDB, GRC, Incident, Problem), offers tasking of course to let teams and people collaborate on such initiatives and define KPIs for the initiatives to measure progress and contribution to the companies development.

And as ServiceNow leverages the platform capabilities I would not like to forget the Dashboard and Workbench that is coming along in the Continual Improvement Management module.

Sadly enough I haven’t found any additional material on the NowLearning platform.

If you want to know more, follow this link or simply drop me a message.