ServiceNow Cloud Call Center and Integration with Amazon Connect

One of the not so well-known features of ServiceNow is the possibility for seamless integration of Amazon Connect, which is an omnichannel contact center as a cloud service.

Amazon connect is something that is fascinating me out of its own, as I have been built in my past on premise solutions (who remembers Lucent, AT&T, Aspect) for what in these days where still called call centres.

And boy let me tell you, technology have gone a long way since mid-1990s. But this should not focus on Amazon connect, but on the integration with ServiceNow.

Cloud Call Center was introduced to ServiceNow with the New York Release.


  • Calls can be started and accepted via the ServiceNow instance
  • Bot interaction are possible for the caller (e.g. Integration with Password Reset)
  • Agent availability managed in the ServiceNow instance (via Agent Inbox controls)
  • Caller Notification for the agent
  • Extension easily possible for further use cases (e.g. OpenFrame, Rest-API, AWS Lambda Function)
  • Call metrics (e.g. agent call time, average call duration)


  • No more invest in phone technology needed, as all is VoIP based
  • Integrated platform to utilize and leverage from all the features (e.g. Automation, Reporting)

I haven’t found in NowLearning anything sadly enough, so here is the currently available information I was able to find: