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Sometimes I wish I were born later, when looking back to my operation days. You might ask yourself What the heck?

When I think of on how many occasions, we had to check manually the expiry date of certificates, different excel lists for different departments and even external customers. And in the worst case (or the usual case) you figured out through an incident that a certificate expired (of course Friday afternoon where no one on the customer side was available anymore).

And this is why I wish to be born later, to benefit from the ServiceNow capabilities.

It is one of those tiny bits and pieces which could buff up your environment, but where you end up with no good solution as the topic seems to small, but here the Platform ServiceNow and it’s capabilities are showing up on the game plan.

With Orlando the Certificate Inventory and Management have been added to the ITOM Suite which helps you to keep track of your certificate management procedure and it is so helpful I must admit.

Key Features:

  • Be efficient by automated task and incident creation
  • Understand your landscape which allows ownership tracking and gives you sight about possible business impact in case the certificate expires
  • Utilization of Reporting capabilities with a dedicated Dashboard
  • Find with discovery certificates in your landscape

In a glance, this tiny bit helps you to improve your IT organization and keeping track of the environment. With Discovery, Task creation and Dashboard capabilities you can fix the pain before it occurs.

So highly recommended for all customers who are using ITOM already and another reason for those customers who do not yet use this part of the platform.

You find further information here, thanks to Sree (ServiceNow) for this stuff.

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